What are Others Saying?

Jon Butcher’s experience with chiropractic and creating your ideal life


Before meeting Dr. Rice, I had stopped my daily walks because I had so much pain in my right foot. I also had pain in my neck, shoulders and my upper right arm. Since seeing Dr. Rice, I am now walking daily again, the pain in my neck is gone and I am able to use my right arm that had been limited. I have learned to listen to my body and now when something is off balance I am able to make adjustments to change the situation. Without Dr. Rice, I would not have been able to enjoy life again.She is my hero...and her staff is the best!" Sandi P., South Burlington,VT"

Prior to coming to NCV, I was suffering from brain fog, chronic fatigue, upper back and neck pain and felt I was twice my age. Over the past four years, I was going downhill fast and was losing hope. I visited several doctors and a couple of different chiropractors with not much relief. After only a few short visits w/ Dr. Rice, the fog lifted, I was able to get through the day without a nap and the pain lessened a great deal. Each week I am feeling better and know that I am going to get even better with each adjustment. The staff at NCV has been so friendly and helpful throughout this whole process. I cannot thank them enough for all their help and support." Sandy D., Fairfax, VT

I want you to know Heather, that physical stress workshop was the best one you've done! I should have written you right away last week when I was inclined to share with you how big a fire you lit under my butt! I was so energized and excited to start moving! Of course, it's faded a little bit now but I am working on my plan." Lisa B.


Judy - remarkable recovery from serious accident 


 Sherry - lower back issues, general health has improved


Peter - balance problems


Bo - lower back injury, health maintenance



Liz - scoliosis, curvature of the spine


Scott - long-term benefits and better quality of life, overall healthier


David - many benefits from chiropractic


Earache story


Wendy - sought a better quality of life


Bernie - came for a hip issue and success with other issue, ringing in ears is now gone AND hearing is coming back


Dawn - relief from back aches, ringing in ears and hot flashes


Dawn - also vision is improving


Chris - results and help with fibromyalgia and chronic pain


Donald - lower back issues and degeneration


Chris - skeptical initially, wanted to clear spiritual blockages


Chris - "Heather delivers an incredible spiritual punch"


Toby - serious back injuries and stress related issues


Dawn - relief from back aches, ringing in ears and hot flashes


Niko - feels fantastic, and has improved general well-being and posture


Susan wellness care, gardening and backpacking with ease and benefits from the workshops