Many people are often overwhelmed, and maybe even nervous, when visiting a doctor for the first time. Paperwork needs to be completed, an honest discussion needs to be had, and a diagnosis will follow. What you will find once visiting our office is that the stigma of a doctor is no where to be found. You will be welcomed with a warm greeting, you can complete the paperwork in the comfort of your own home and we will simply have a conversation on strategies that will contribute to the quality of your life. We have been in existence for many years in our beautiful community and after working with 1,000's of people, we are confident that your experience in our office will be like nothing that has ever taken place in your life. We have patients who frequently visit the practice because, "It just feels so right!" Therefore, we encourage you NOT to feel overwhelmed and NOT to be afraid, because the relationship that you establish with our office will be long lasting and provide you with everything you need when it comes to your health. Our first visit is the information gathering time because this is where we begin with the question of 'Why.'

This first meeting will last about 75 minutes for both the consult and the examination. This is foundational because it will offer our team an opportunity to gain an understanding of whether you are in the right place to get the care that you need. If we do think we can help, we will invite you back for a second visit. In the second visit, we will spend between 45-60 minutes reviewing all the information gathered in the first visit in order to develop a custom program for each individual to follow. In addition, we will answer any questions, while completely covering the costs of participation.

With this being said, we want to make sure that you know EXACTLY what to expect so we have decided to go into greater detail below:

Dr. Heather New Patient Forms:

We encourage you to complete the NEW PATIENT FORMS: prior to visiting the practice because this will save approximately 15-20 minutes and allow you to feel extremely comfortable in your own home. If for some reason you have any questions, Marissa or Darrell will support you once in the office.


During the initial Health Consultation, we are here to LISTEN and SUPPORT you and all of your needs. Our intention is to gather information so we know everything about your nervous system to know whether we can help you. If we can’t help you, we won’t waste your time or money but will do everything in our power to find someone else that can help so you get what you need.


During our examination we will perform a complete and comprehensive chiropractic wellness examination. We use noninvasive, sophisticated computer technology to measure any nerve interference that may be affecting muscle function, organ function, ranges of motion, and the ability your body has to adapt to stresses in your environment. You are in control of your health and Dr. Rice will discuss this with you during the time that you share. We couple this with a good old fashioned hands on assessment by Dr. Rice, to learn everything about your nervous system.

Report of Findings:

If we do think we can help you, you will be scheduled for your Report of Findings as soon as possible following your initial visit, which is where we will determine the best individually customized program, consisting of chiropractic care, stretching/home exercise techniques, workshops, nutrition,etc. Our office is extremely unique with its chiropractic care, and we have state of the art assessment technology that will support us in the analysis of your condition so that we can provide objective feedback.

On deck area:

Yes, we have a Patient reception area but now we also have an ON DECK area where patients can prepare for their adjustment while waiting for a table. This should be used as a quiet area to make sure you have removed belts, necklaces and anything else that would hinder your adjustment. The On Deck area can also be used when the reception area is busy with children.We ask that you turn off your cell phones and refrain from conversation to help create the best healing environment for everyone.

We have had success with arthritis, fibromyalgia, thyroid conditions, headaches, back and neck injuries, chronic fatigue, insomnia, allergies and stress related concerns. Our clinical work with thousands of people has shown us that:

Healthy people have spines that are softer, more supple and have more breath than do people who are experiencing more dis-ease. With precise gentle adjustments it is possible to restore this softness and breath to persons of any age and or condition. All bodies naturally return to a state of continuous flow when the blockages are removed. We use a gentle, specific touch that assists physical, behavioral and emotional patterns to evolve to a more dynamic state.

We look forward to working with you so that YOU can live a life of complete health and vitality!