After seeing thousands of chiropractic patients in my years in practice, I am still amazed by the personal achievements that many of them have made by getting adjusted and developing healthy habits. Working with so many inspiring people each day and feeling the honor that comes from helping people's lives improve, I wanted to do more for my patients and to find a way for them to feel good in whatever other ways were possible.

That's why I was excited when I came across Young Living Essential Oils. For a long time, I didn’t realize scented oils could do more than make a house smell nice or nurture the skin, but I've found that they have so many more benefits-physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I was a bit skeptical at first that scented oils could have an effect on my health,so i tested them out to see for myself. I've found that these oils work in a very unique way that I"ve never found in a group of scented products.

To show you what I mean,some of my absolute favorite oils include:

  • Thieves: Ideal for cleaning molds and cold season.
  • Purification: Good for tick removal in pets and tick repellent.
  • Lavender: For healing skin and as a deododrant substitute.
  • Peace & Calming: For stress and easing into deep sleep
  • Panaway: : For pain
  • Valor: : For pain

My colleagues tell me these are their favorites...

  • Abundance: Which is created to enhance the frequency of your energy and magnetic field that creates the "Law of Attraction" and opens your life up to endless possibilities
  • Acceptance: Which opens the mind of others,regardless of difference of opinion or thought, and also helps the user to overcome tendencies of procrastination and denial
  • Dream Catcher: Which enhances dreams and visualization and helps you to hold onto positive dreams that help you to move forward and realize your potential.
  • Magnify Your Purpose: Which encourages positivity, creativity, and motivation, and helps you to overcome obstacles that may be holding you back in life
  • Purification: Which can be used to cleanse abrasions to the skin, or diffused to purify the air from environmental impurities
  • Relieve It: Which relaxes and soothes muscles and joints, specifically after exercise

I personally use these oils often, and highly recommend them. I would be more than happy to talk about them with you if you have any questions, but to learn more about the oils, or to place an order, please visit the following link: To get a discount on your order you may wish to sign up as a distributor yourself, in which case please use my distributor number to refer you: 1214050

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