10 years in jail for parent not vaccinating?

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Russ Rosen for his international tribe of hundreds of wellness chiropractors about the current hype about measles and the ongoing attempts to remove our rights to true informed consent regarding medical procedures for ourselves and our families. Click into the blog post to read more, learn more and listen to the audio!

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Never Let Your Kids Leave For School Without These 5 Things

Have you ever wondered what Dr. Heather’s best practices are for raising a healthy kid? Take a moment to watch these 3 short videos to make sure you are doing what it takes for your kids to get a good start every day. It’s crucial that you Never Let Your Kids Leave For School Without These 5 Things. BTW, these things work with spouses and co-workers, too! 

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Who are you going to call?

Take a moment to be grateful! 

Dr. Heather Rice created this video after a tradegy struck a local building. Have you taken a moment to express your gratitude lately?


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A Message To Mothers

Do you trust your maternal instinct?

Of course you do!  It’s more powerful than any other force.

Then is it fair for you to get caught in the vaccination trap?  You’re told by schools and pediatricians that vaccines are protocol.  But do you get a chance to understand the risks?

Vaccine manufactures can’t even be held accountable.  They’re legally classified as “unavoidably unsafe.” 

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Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

With 24 hour pharmacies and fast food delivery at any time of day or night, we are accustomed to immediate gratification.  In fact, many of us rely on it.

But have you thought about the toll this takes on your health?  The instant decisions you made that could affect your wellbeing?  Don’t you deserve to make the best decisions in regard to your health?

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Inner Corset and Tush Pull Sit

Recently, while I was camping with a group of friends, we had a talent show. I offered this as my talent: simple standing and seated posture exercises that I teach in my practice that accelerate the progress of folks’ care. Please enjoy this ‘camp-ified’ version of the Inner Corset and the Tush Pull Sit exercise instructions! For Esther Gokhale’s videos of these exercises, go to the link on my website at: http://wellspringcls.com/content/wellness-resources

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On Purpose Chiropractor of the Month

CONTACT: Dr. Heather Rice

DATE: 2-22-13

PHONE#: 802-985-9850

Dr. Heather Rice

Local Chiropractor, Receives Award


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How do I know that I know that I know?

I am just back from an incredible workshop that helps me be more aware of subtle responses that my nervous system produces when it (my nervous system) detects the right place for me to work with a person.



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Who is calling the shots? - Invitation to an upcoming talk on Forced Vaccination

I will be speaking next Wednesday, February 27th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington as part of an open discussion for concerned parents, health care workers, teachers, child care providers and all other interested parties. Admission is Free.

Below is a video invitation.  You can also download a flyer for the event HERE.

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We are coming back from NEW JERSEY with amazing energy and so much more!

We just wanted to send you a video from NEW JERSEY when we went to the Chiropractic Leadership Summit and we are coming back with so much excitement and some really amazing technology. Please make sure to ask me questions about this weekend because we took away so much and we are EAGER to share all of this with you!

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